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    SubjectRE: Production comparison between 2.4.27 and
    Nick Piggin Wrote:
    > I wouldn't worry too much about hdparm measurements. If you
    > want to test the streaming throughput of the disk, run dd
    > if=big-file of=/dev/null or a large write+sync.
    > Regarding your worse non-RAID XFS database results, try
    > booting 2.6 with elevator=deadline and test again. If yes,
    > are you using queueing (TCQ) on your disks?

    Done another test.
    This time I created a 256Mb ramdisk, formatted it as ext3 and mounted as
    data partition.

    Results are the following:
    real 0m0.437s
    user 0m0.036s
    sys 0m0.013s

    real 0m37.307s
    user 0m3.212s
    sys 0m1.287s

    real 0m0.437s
    user 0m0.024s
    sys 0m0.010s

    real 0m38.180s
    user 0m2.950s
    sys 0m1.602s

    In this case results are comparable.
    What is the difference, so?
    2.6 performs better reading from disk.
    Avoiding PCI, SATA and disks on this test makes 2.4 and 2.6 perform in
    the same way.

    Hope this helps.

    Massimo Cetra

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