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SubjectRe: Linux Incompatibility List
From Alan Cox on Sunday, 22 August, 2004:
>On Sad, 2004-08-21 at 20:41, David N. Welton wrote:
>I think the "compatibility list" side is the more important. Trying to
>punish non helpful products/vendors isn't as productive as helping stuff
>that is Linux friendly.

Definitely. It's great to know that Linux works with a device, since
I know that I can buy it and actually *use* it. Double points if
the *device* works with *linux*!
That said, there are lots of devices out there that aren't listed in the
compatibility list. I'd be nice to know if they *don't* work, since I
won't feel tempted (if the price is right) to take it home and try it
out. Although, as another point, it'd be nice to bring all of the
various device compatibility lists together in one place, esp. for the
HAL/D-BUS/Utopia system, so that they could potentially query the list
over the net. Bonus points for a downloadable version for the distros!
Also, a known-helpful vendor list would be great, as I would be much more
inclined to buy stuff from vendors who support Linux (as opposed to
Linux supporting them). It's important to me, and I like to put my
money where my mouth is. :)
In short, we should definitely work on maintaining a big device and vendor
compatibility list ([butter]flies, honey, vinegar), but a known-bad/hostile
list is also a nice thing to have, so that we can know to take our
dollars elsewhere.


Graduate Student in Physics, Freelance Free Software Developer
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