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    Subject[ANNOUNCE] Subversion/svk mirror of the linux tree

    I'm pleased to announce a Subversion/svk mirror of the linux kernel
    tree at:


    Web interface at

    Meanwhile svk 0.19 is available:

    Before you start flaming about Subversion being centralized and not
    the right model for kernel development, please take a moment to read
    up about the additional features svk offers.

    Please keep me CC'ed for comments, as I'm not subscribed to the list.


    * I heard that Subversion isn't the preferred revision control system for
    Linux. Why do you want to provide this mirror?

    I am not telling anyone to switch to Subversion for linux development,
    just helping to make the linux kernel more easily accessible to
    everyone. Users who want to checkout the latest version of the kernel
    can use the increasingly popular open-source svn client to checkout.
    Developers can now use svk to mirror the above url, create a local and
    offline branch, generate diffs against the trunk and easily submit
    their patches upstream.

    You can learn more about svk at

    Since the tree is quite large, you might not want to grab the entire
    repository's history. You can start off with the 100 most recent
    revisions like this:

    svk mirror //linux/trunk svn://
    svk sync --skipto HEAD-100 //linux/trunk

    * svk is built on-top of Subversion? I heard Subversion is slow.
    Doesn't that means svk is even slower?

    svk only uses the lowest two layers of Subversion, which is
    well-maintained and constantly improving. On large trees that reside
    locally, svk checkout is about twice as fast as svn.

    * How is the mirror provided?

    svk can also mirror non-subversion repositories with the nice and
    extensible VCP framework.

    The exported cvs tree is rsynced, and then:

    svk mirror /linux/cvs cvsbk:/home/cvs/linux:linux-2.5/... --branch-only=trunk
    svk sync /linux/cvs

    That's it.

    The cvsbk VCP source driver can also be found on CPAN.

    The first mirror took quite a few hours for the 20000+ changesets, and
    the memory usage is around 200M. Subsequent runs are usually done
    within 5 minute.


    Special thanks to for providing hardware and bandwidth for
    svk development and such mirror service.

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