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    SubjectRE: Entirely ignoring TCP and UDP checksum in kernel level
    On Sat, 2004-08-21 at 04:27, Denis Vlasenko wrote:
    > On Saturday 21 August 2004 12:18, Josan Kadett wrote:
    > > That is not much of an intelligible idea. A way to hack the kernel could be
    > > found as I still presume. "Turn off checksums" but not by re-writing the
    > > whole tcp code in the kernel. Isn't that possible ? Linux is an operating
    > > system of infinite possibilities, right ? But only if you know how to hack
    > > it...
    > Of course you can hack the kernel to do it.
    > However, by replacing that box with Linux device you
    > get one more Linux box and you will be capable of
    > doing whole slew of useful things, like traffic filtering, shaping,
    > accounting, Ethernet bridging, etc etc etc, if/when you will need it.
    > You can easily debug problems with tools like tcpdump and ethereal.
    > I simply cannot list everything Linux can do, I don't plan to write
    > a novel here ;]
    > I bet current 'crazy box' has nothing even vaguely resembling
    > these capabilities. Heck, it cannot do standard TCP properly.
    > So there is little reason to waste your time trying to work around it.

    He already stated that he was dealing with a very expensive, very broken
    piece of hardware, and he needs a way to work around it. Many of us
    have been in this situation, I will not name names ;-). Telling him to
    just replace it is not helpful.


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