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    SubjectRe: [Fastboot] [RFC]Kexec based crash dumping
    Hariprasad Nellitheertha <> writes:

    > Hi,
    > The patches that follow contain the initial implementation for kexec based
    > crash dumping that we are working on. I had sent this to the fastboot mailing
    > list a couple of weeks ago and this set of patches includes the changes made as
    > per feedback from Andrew, Eric and others.

    One significant change is missing. You do not separate out the two
    use cases of kexec. So on a system that is configured to use
    call sys_reboot(LINUX_REBOOT_CMD_KEXEC) on reboot I will get a core
    dump if using your code.

    Or alternatively if I call sys_kexec_load and then something in the
    shutdown scripts triggers a kernel panic it is not OK to
    start boot the new kernel instead of taking normal panic behavior.

    Until the two uses of kexec are separated they two uses
    of kexec remain mutually exclusive and incompatible, and it I cannot
    merge your patches into the existing kexec patchset.


    In general I still your kexec on panic code is doing way to much,
    and I think a lot of that is that you don't have a kernel that will
    run when loaded at a different physical address.

    To that end I have written a patch that accomplishes exactly that.
    Please see my just released kexec patchset.


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