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SubjectRe: finding out the boot cpu number from userspace
==> Regarding Re: finding out the boot cpu number from userspace; "Martin J. Bligh" <> adds:

>> assuming cpu 0 is the boot cpu sounds fragile/incorrect, but for
>> irqbalanced I'd like to find out which cpu is the boot cpu, is there a
>> good way of doing so ?
>> The reason for needing this is that some firmware only likes running on
>> the boot cpu so I need to bind firmware-related irq's to that cpu
>> ideally.

mbligh> On any sane arch, cpu 0 *IS* always the boot CPU, as we dynamically
mbligh> number CPUs that way ... that doesn't mean that it's apicid 0. I
mbligh> believe that PPC64 screwed this up, but AFAIK, everyone else gets
mbligh> it correct ... ;-)

Hmm, do we need to do any special handling for this in the kexec case?
ISTR having some issues with this when using bootimg years back.

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