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    SubjectRe: -mm swsusp: do not default to platform/firmware
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    >>>>> "Patrick" == Patrick Mochel <> writes:

    Patrick> On Thu, 29 Jul 2004, Pavel Machek wrote:

    >> -mm swsusp now defaults to platform/firmware suspend... That's
    >> certainly unexpected, changes behaviour from previous version, and
    >> only works on one of three machines I have here. I'd like the
    >> default to be changed back. Please apply,

    Patrick> I'd rather leave it, and put pressure on the platform
    Patrick> implementations to be made to work. If you want to shutdown,
    Patrick> then specify it on the command line before you suspend (or
    Patrick> add it to the suspend script).

    Does _anyone_ have a machine where platform works?

    I can't recally anyone posted on the acpi/swsusp2/kernel lists that
    they had a platform implementation that worked.

    Perhaps they had no reason to post? Anyone out there with a laptop
    with a suspend to disk in formware/platform using ACPI that works?
    I'd love to be proven wrong...

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