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    SubjectRe: kallsyms 2.6.8 address ordering
    From said:

    > I've noticed that LKML of late is unresponsive to a lot bug posts

    This is a community of _volunteers_, if you want your particular itch
    scratched ASAP, shop for a maintenance contract.

    > and
    > that email is being blocked for a lot of folks.

    I've been on this list for quite some time, and this is the very first time
    I hear anything about such a thing. Care to elaborate?

    [Yes, there are people who are almost universally on killfiles of the lead
    hackers, but that is their own fault... and the list managers don't need
    to bann anybody that way ;-]

    > It smells like partisan
    > politics based on economic motivations and its not really "open" any more
    > when people stoop to this level of behavior.

    Proof, please.

    > That aside:

    > kallsyms in 2.6.8 is presenting module symbol tables with out of order
    > addresses in 2.6.X. This makes maintaining a commercial kernel debugger
    > for Linux 2.6 kernels nighmareish.

    If you want that fixed so you can make money off Linux, you'd better well
    pay for the privilege of having your particular desires taken care of.
    Probably off this list, as kernel debuggers in general are persona non
    grata here, commercial software meddling with the inards of the kernel even
    less wellcome.


    > I don't expect a response so I'll keep coding around the broken Linux 2.6
    > code but I wanted to post a record of this so perhaps someone will think
    > about over-engineering systems which should be left alone.

    This is probably just working to get the most out of the kernel, and the
    constraint of "making kernel debuggers easy to write" just isn't in the
    requirements. The kernel hackers (rightly so, IMVHO) reserve the right to
    change interfases at the drop of a hat. If third parties get burned, just
    too bad.
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