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    SubjectRe: vmlinuz no symtab? while cross compiling...
    On Thu, Aug 19, 2004 at 02:37:19AM -0400, Jon Anderson wrote:
    > I'm attempting to cross compile linux-, along with a few external
    > modules (madwifi, hostap-driver, aodv-uu). The kernel and (built-in)
    > modules compile fine, but compiling every one of those external modules
    > fails around MODPOST. For example, aodv-uu:

    Took a look at aodv-uu.
    Author should learn to create a real Kbuild Makefile...
    But that does not seem to be your problem.

    > <snip userspace stuff>
    > make -C /home/janderson/var/autobuild/i386/root/usr/src/linux
    > SUBDIRS=/home/janderson/var/tmp/autobuild/aodv-uu-0.8.1 modules
    > i486-linux-uclibc-gcc -Wall -O2 -DCONFIG_GATEWAY -o aodvd main.o list.o
    > debug.o timer_queue.o aodv_socket.o aodv_hello.o aodv_neighbor.o
    > aodv_timeout.o routing_table.o seek_list.o k_route.o aodv_rreq.o
    > aodv_rrep.o aodv_rerr.o packet_input.o packet_queue.o libipq.o icmp.o
    > min_ipenc.o locality.o
    > make[1]: Entering directory
    > `/home/janderson/var/autobuild/i386/root/usr/src/linux-'
    > CC [M] /home/janderson/var/tmp/autobuild/aodv-uu-0.8.1/kaodv.o
    > Building modules, stage 2.
    > modpost: vmlinux no symtab?
    modpost complains that it cannot locate the symbol table in vmlinux.
    That can be caused by the following reasons:

    o vmlinux were build with different settings than scripts/mod
    - If you cleaned out scripts/mod/ and run make scripts with wrong ARCH options
    o vmlinux has been stripped for some reason

    > /bin/sh: line 1: 798 Aborted scripts/mod/modpost -i
    > /home/janderson/var/autobuild/i386/root/usr/src/linux-
    > vmlinux /home/janderson/var/tmp/autobuild/aodv-uu-0.8.1/kaodv.o
    > make[2]: *** [__modpost] Error 134
    > madwifi and hostap-driver do the same thing: "vmlinux no symtab?".
    > I've messed around with cleaning out the scripts/mod directory, then
    > running a make prepare (which seems to rebuild modpost), but that makes
    > no difference.
    > For the moment, I can work around this (because I'm "cross compiling"
    > for i486 on an i686 system) by just running make again in the kernel
    > directory, but I would assume that wouldn't work when I have to do it
    > for ppc. :-)
    Did not understand what you said here.

    Please make sure that:
    - Kernel is build with same ARCH=, CROSS_COMPILE option as modules
    - That kernel is fully build, with same options

    Please let me know if this info helped you fixing the problem.

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