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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Mis-detect CRDW as CDROM
    Hi Marc,

    Marc Ballarin wrote:

    > growisofs and dvd+r-format open the device read-only, even though they try
    > to do writes.
    > Two choices:
    > 1) declare all needed commands as safe for read

    yes, that's what I tried, but it had no effect. For instance, I declared


    which is 0x23, but growisofs still complains with

    Aug 18 13:52:21 aiken kernel: THIS IS MY NEW PATCH SCSI-CMD Filter: 0x23 not allowed with read-mode

    That's what I don't understand. I think the line above should declare
    0x23 as safe for read, but it seems to be ignored.

    > (you might as well disable filtering completely...)

    Likely I will end up with this :-/

    > 2) replace O_RDONLY in dvd+r-tools sources with O_RDWR and recompile
    > (that's what I did).

    I will check that!


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