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    Subject[2.6] busybox EFAULT on sparc64
    Here's an example of a strange phenomenon seen by me and more recently
    Jeff Bailey...

    I'm not sure exactly what's happening here. Summary: passing static
    memory to mount(2) returns Bad address, and starting klogd hangs on a
    fork(2) call. A mount call will succeed if the memory is copied first
    onto the heap. This is 2.6.8 without any SPARC-specific patches, built
    for sparc64.

    You can check this out at (misnomer)
    for yourself.

    I'm inclined to believe that the two bugs are related; these both happen
    with busybox-cvs and the exact same programs work with 2.4. Bastian
    Blank suggests that it is the compat wrapper for sys_mount that is not

    Could I get any idea of what is going on here? I'm CC:ing lkml because
    this may be a general 2.6 bug that neither Jeff or I have encountered.

    Joshua Kwan
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