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SubjectRe: Merge I2O patches from -mm
On Sun, Aug 15, 2004 at 12:15:40AM -1000, Warren Togami wrote:
> This is a request to please merge the I2O patches currently in Andrew
> Morton's -mm tree into the mainline kernel. They resolve all known
> reported issues with I2O RAID devices. If they can be included soon, it
> would be possible to implement and test direct installation before FC3
> Test2 freeze.

I've looked over it and except for the i2o_scsi driver it looks sane.

Cosmetic fixups I'd like to see done befoee merging to mainline:

- run the code through Lindent
- stop the needless file renaming. Splitting up i2o_core.c into multiple
files is fine, but please don' rename the other drivers for the sake of

Now to i2o_scsi:

- the logic of "demand-allocating" Scsi_Hosts looks rather bad to me,
life would be much simpler with a Scsi_Host per i2o device.
- the slave_configure/i2o_scsi_probe_dev logical is quite horriblebut
fortunately with the suggestion above it would just go away
- the global list of hosts and wlaking it on exit is a very bad design,
that's something the ->remove callback should do on per-device basis
- the completely lack of SCSI EH in this driver scares me, does the firmware
really handle all EH?

cosemtic stuff in here:

- <asm/*.h> after <linux/*.h>.
- please include scsi headers using <scsi/*.h> (after linux and asm headers)
- please use the standard pr_Debug instead of DBG
- please reorder the functions a little so you don't need forward-declarations

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