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    SubjectRe: Merge I2O patches from -mm
    On Tue, Aug 17, 2004 at 03:31:18PM +0200, Markus Lidel wrote:
    > > Now to i2o_scsi:
    > > - the logic of "demand-allocating" Scsi_Hosts looks rather bad to me,
    > > life would be much simpler with a Scsi_Host per i2o device.
    > But wouldn't it be a waste of resources to allocate a Scsi_Host
    > structure for every I2O device? Note that the i2o_scsi "sees" all disks
    > even if they are in a RAID array, so in most cases there are at least 3
    > Scsi_Host adapters...

    I wouldn't wasted ressources but it seems Alan found another problem.

    > We also now know which disk is on which controller, this information is
    > lost with your approach...

    You could still keep that information in your data structure. But what
    do you actually need it for?

    > > - the slave_configure/i2o_scsi_probe_dev logical is quite horriblebut
    > > fortunately with the suggestion above it would just go away
    > Yep, i know that it would be better to extend scsi_add_device, so it's
    > possible to pass a pointer to i2o_scsi_slave_alloc. This is only a
    > workaround, which breaks as soon as things are done in parallel :-(

    Just keep some lookup data structure so you can find the device data
    by host/target/lun numbers.

    > > - the global list of hosts and wlaking it on exit is a very bad design,
    > > that's something the ->remove callback should do on per-device basis
    > But what if the I2O device isn't removed?

    you're using the driver model, and that calls ->remove and every device
    when the driver is unregistered.

    > > - please reorder the functions a little so you don't need forward-declarations
    > most of the forward-declarations are not needed at all, should i remove
    > unneeded completely?

    Yes, please.

    Okay, some brainstorming to get the data structures and lookup right:

    What really seems to miss in your model is a callback to i2o_scsi
    from the main i2o code when a new i2o_controller is found, if you implemented
    that we'd allocate/deallocate the Scsi_Host in that callback and
    ->probe/->remove could be sure it'd always have it.

    Anyway, I think we could live without that.

    i2o_scsi_get_host would get inlined into i2o_scsi_probe.
    i2o_scsi_remove basically needs a full rewrite, you need to find a way
    to store a scsi_device ini i2o_dev and it becomes completely trivial.

    Not sure about how to sanitize the scsi_devie probing logic
    in i2o_scsi_probe yet.
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