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    SubjectRe: Coding style: do_this(a,b) vs. do_this(a, b)
    > Coding style document is not consistent with
    > itself on whether there should be space after
    > ","... This makes it standartize on ", " option.

    You can read it both ways, right? It's easy.
    I can't even see the difference unless I'm
    looking for it.

    We don't need any more bureaucracy.

    do_this(a, b);
    do_this (a,b);
    do_this (a, b);

    I can read them all. I might notice the space in
    front of the '(', but I might not. Even putting a
    space in front of the ';' isn't unreadable.

    People will pass laws until they are choked off,
    unable to move without being in violation of some
    silly little thing.

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