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SubjectRe: Mis-detect CRDW as CDROM
On Mon, 16 Aug 2004, Marc Ballarin wrote:

> Here are the additional commands I permit right now. It allows me to blank
> a CDRW and record in TAO mode. k3b needs MODE_SELECT_10 even
> for read-only access.
> safe_for_read(GPCMD_GET_PERFORMANCE),
> safe_for_read(MODE_SELECT_10),
> safe_for_write(ALLOW_MEDIUM_REMOVAL),
> safe_for_write(REZERO_UNIT),
> safe_for_write(SYNCHRONIZE_CACHE),
> safe_for_write(GPCMD_SET_SPEED),
> safe_for_write(GPCMD_SEND_OPC),
> safe_for_write(GPCMD_BLANK),
> safe_for_write(GPCMD_CLOSE_TRACK),
> safe_for_write(0x5c), //whatever this might be

Read Buffer Capacity
> Shouldn't most GPCMD_* commands be safe for reading or writing, at least
> for CD devices?
> Are commands like MODE_SELECT_10 really safe for read?
Mode Select is not safe enough even for write (i.e., CAP_RAWIO must be
required). Is it really necessary for Mode Select to succeed or do the
applications just try to do something and fail gracefully?

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