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    SubjectRe: [lhcs-devel] Re: [PATCH][2.6-mm] i386 Hotplug CPU
    On Sun, 15 Aug 2004, Pavel Machek wrote:

    > > > Yeah i recall you mentioning this earlier, i'll look into adding the
    > > > necessary bits so that you have enough state to resume from. Your
    > > > mentioning this was one of the reasons i wanted this in.
    > >
    > > Pavel, considering that the processor is in a quiescent state when it's in
    > > the idle thread, can't we simply restart them all when we do the final
    > > sleep? So on the resume, we steer the APs straight into the offline cpu
    > > spin and manually bring them up again when the BSP has resumed? I
    > > reckon
    > Sorry, I do not understand what AP and BSP means in this context.

    My mistake, Application and Bootstrap Processors.

    > Yes, we can just shut those cpus down on suspend and completely boot
    > them from real mode during resume... that should work. And we will
    > need to do that during suspend-to-ram.

    Thanks i just wanted to run that by you first.

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