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    Subject[PATCH] implement in-kernel keys & keyring management [try #6]

    Hi Linus, Andrew,

    > I've modified my patch to avoid a locking error that Al Viro pointed out. If
    > you have two keyrings A and B, if one process tries to link A to B, whilst
    > in parallel another process tries to link B to A, it could end up creating a
    > cycle in the graph. I've added code to serialise link calls with respect to
    > one another to obviate that problem.

    I've fixed another looking bug that that introduced.

    Following a reply from Chris Wright, I've also sorted out session keyring
    management to what is probably a more sane approach. Processes now start off
    without session keyrings being assigned. A process is automatically subscribed
    to the user's default session if it doesn't have a session keyring when it
    tries to access it. Processes inherit their parents session keyring or lack
    thereof at fork time. Processes can still manually join a session.

    The patch can be found at:

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