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SubjectRe: bkl cleanup in do_sysctl
Lee Revell wrote:

>On Tue, 2004-08-10 at 13:28, Dave Hansen wrote:
>>Remember that the BKL isn't a plain-old spinlock. You're allowed to
>>sleep while holding it and it can be recursively held, which isn't true
>>for other spinlocks.
>>So, if you want to replace it with a spinlock, you'll need to do audits
>>looking for sysctl users that might_sleep() or get called recursively
>>somehow. The might_sleep() debugging checks should help immensely for
>>the first part, but all you'll get are deadlocks at runtime for any
>>recursive holders. But, those cases are increasingly rare, so you might
>>luck out and not have any.
>>Or, you could just make it a semaphore and forget about the no sleeping
>Someone once suggested that newbies who show up on LKML wanting to learn
>kernel hacking should be assigned to find one use of the BKL and replace
>it with proper locking. Something similar worked very well with my
>previous employer, before giving someone root, new hires would first be
>assigned some task like writing a script to take the user account
>database and generate a report of old accounts on a bunch of machines,
>or rewrite the RADIUS accounting scripts, where the point was really to
>get them familiar with the system.
>This way, even if they come back with a totally botched fix, someone
>will probably just post a correct one. We could get rid of the BKL very
>soon, I count only 247 files with lock_kernel in them.
>For example reiserfs uses the BKL for all write locking (!), but it
>probably would not be too hard to fix, because you can just look at
>another filesystem that has proper locking.
Wrong. ;-) Balancing makes it way hard. Use reiser4. That has very
sophisticated locking that pushes the research envelope, if you want to
read code to learn about locking.....

>Maybe this should be added to the FAQ:
>Q: I want to hack the kernel, and I *think* I know what I am doing.
>Where do I start?
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