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Subject[Announce] "iswraid" (ICH5R/ICH6R ataraid sub-driver) for 2.4.26
Version 0.1.4 of the Intel Sofware RAID driver (iswraid) is now
available for the 2.4 series kernels at

It is an ataraid "subdriver" but uses the SCSI subsystem to find the
RAID member disks. It depends on the libata library, particularly the
ata_piix driver that enables the Serial ATA capabilities in ICH5/ICH6
chipsets. The libata patch by Jeff Garzik should be applied before
applying this patch. There is more information and some ICH6R related
patches at the project's home page at

The changes WRT version 0.1.3 are as follows:
* a fix for CONFIG_HIGHMEM systems;
* reasonable handling of missing disks;
* when RAID1 goes degraded, the I/O succeeds;
* new mode that does not fail degraded RAID1 ever;
* metadata updates started from the scheduler's queue;
* slab caches instead of kmalloc-s;
* small /proc filesystem tweaks;
* serial number extraction fixed;
* unused disks properly freed;
* added documentation file;
* major style changes and more comments about implementation choices.

If you have any questions or comments, please CC me directly because
I no longer read this list.

Martins Krikis
Storage Components Division (SCD)
Intel Massachusetts

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