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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Autotune swappiness
    Martin J. Bligh wrote:
    >>>>Here is another try at providing feedback to tune the vm_swappiness.
    >>>I spent some time yesterday trying to demonstrate performance improvements
    >>>from those two patches. Using
    >>> make -j4 vmlinux with mem=64m
    >>> qsbench -p 4 -m 96 with mem=256m
    >>>and was not able to do so, which is what I expected.
    >>>We do need more quantitative testing on this work.
    >>Sure thing.
    >>I need to point out a few things:
    >>The point of this patch was to improve the swap behaviour on desktop like loads.
    >>The fact that it improved the "when swap is thrashing" scenario (in my testing) was an unintentional bonus.
    >>I dont think your load of j4 will induce quite the same swap thrash as what I was testing. I actually suspect the faster cpu & more jobs over fixed memory shows it more.
    >>I need someone with more varied hardware to test it for me. I can recreate equivalent results on my current machine which has similar hardware, but I think results showing improvement on different machines and different loads is what you're looking for... and since I'm currently quite low on hardware I can only offer results from this one (and my wife is hating it being offline o_0)
    >>Anyone willing to offer to do some tests?
    > What kind of mem pressure are you looking for? kernel compile is easy to run,
    > and straight "-j" should kill a small system fairly well ... you want it just
    > into swap, or thrashing the crap out of it?

    It was coincidental that it helped the swap thash scenario. But yes,
    thrashing the crap out of it. Maybe taking 5-10 times longer than when
    there's enough memory for the job.

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