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    SubjectRe: 2.6.7-ck5
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    Very nice, Con. I've been using ck1 and ck3 with pax applied, and
    finding performance to be exceptional. I'll merge current 2.6.7-pax
    with this and test it out right away.

    When do you think the staircase, batch, and isometric scheduling will
    reach mainline-quality? Do you think you'll be ready to ask Andrew to
    merge it soon, or will it be a while before it's quite ready for that?
    How about autoregulated swappiness, which seems to be very efficient at
    its job?

    Con Kolivas wrote:
    | Patchset update:
    | These are patches designed to improve system responsiveness with
    | specific emphasis on the desktop, but suitable/configurable to any
    | workload. Read details and FAQ on my web page.

    | Please feel free to send comments, queries, suggestions, patches.
    | Con
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