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    SubjectRe: post 2.6.7 BK change breaks Java?
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    The only thing I've seen kill java like that would be NX things, such as
    the NX patch mentioned in an earlier thread; execshield; or PaX. I saw
    some talk about possibly enabling NX by default; but I don't see this in
    the -mm6 list, and I have no idea where the bk patch list is. I
    wouldn't expect either Linus or Andrew to have decided to merge an NX
    patch in at this stage; but it's a possibility.

    Andrew? Has anything like that been added in the bk tree?

    Matthias Andree wrote:
    | Hi,
    | I've pulled from the linux-2.6 BK tree some post-2.6.7 version, compiled
    | and installed it, and it breaks Java, standalone or plugged into
    | firefox, the symptom is that the application catches SIGKILL. This
    | didn't happen with stock 2.6.7 and doesn't happen with 2.6.6 either.
    | Is there any particular change I should try backing out?
    | TIA,
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