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    SubjectRe: watchdog infrastructure
    Hi Arnd,

    > I noticed you have been working on sanitizing the watchdog driver
    > in your
    > tree. What are your plans for this, i.e. do you see this as 2.7 only
    > stuff or do you intend to merge the at least the infrastructure code
    > so it can be used by future 2.6 drivers?

    Plan is to build a generic watchdog driver that has a frame-work for all
    watchdog drivers (or at least most of them). I think that it can be future
    2.6 driver code. It's not a fundamental change :-).

    > I'm asking because I have a new driver and I would prefer not to add
    > yet another copy of the ioctl code, which I don't even know how
    > to test properly.
    > If we can get your watchdog.c into a mergable state (in which it
    > arguably isn't at the moment), I could use that to base my driver
    > on, while the other drivers get converted during 2.7.

    Good idea. I'm first going to test iit on my different hardware (pcwd
    + i8xx + w83627hf). Once that's good enough we can start with the
    generic watchdog driver and some converted drivers.

    Did you have a look allready at the different watchdog operations in
    include/linux/watchdog.h ?


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