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SubjectRe: [BUG] FAT broken in 2.6.7-bk15
Ali Akcaagac <> writes:

> Ok after some further research I figured this out. My last working
> version of the Linux Kernel was 2.6.7 which worked with my rescue
> system. I now applied the bk* patches upwards to check which one caused
> the issue and I figured that this happened between bk3 to bk4 (so the
> problem occoured with the bk4 patch). The diskimage was created with
> mtools 3.9.9 and worked perfectly before.

Ah, my fault. I changed the handling of "codepage" options, but it wasn't
mentioned on changelog at all. (Sorry, I didn't notice this changes.)

Now, the codepage option recognizes only real NLS codepage module.
only recognizes the numbers.)

Previously, it recognized/loaded all NLS modules via CONFIG_NLS_DEFAULT,
if it can't load the nls_cp437.ko or specified codepage.

But this is seriously wrong. For example, if fatfs using the
nls_utf8.ko for codepage, it will store the wrong 8.3-alias to
disk. (At least, windows can't read this. And several peoples reported
this problem.)

Anyway, could you please check FAT_DEFAULT_CODE/FAT_DEFAULT_IOCHARSET
and NLS_xxx in your .config.

Yes, this should be done automatically by config system. However...
OGAWA Hirofumi <>
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