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SubjectRe: [BUG] FAT broken in 2.6.7-bk15
> > The recent changes in 2.6.7-bk15 broke FAT support. I am doing some
> > rescue backup systems here using tools like syslinux and mtools to
> > format a normal msdos disk (for el-torito). I figured out that after
> > creating and formating of these disks that it is impossible to mount
> > them with 'msdos' or 'vfat'.

> You may be able to check for yourself precisely which change caused
> trouble for you. The only very recent change is one that makes the
> kernel more permissive.

> Give details on what versions work for you, what versions don't.
> Give the exact error messages. Give the first few sectors of the
> filesystem that you cannot mount but can mount with an earlier kernel.

Ok after some further research I figured this out. My last working
version of the Linux Kernel was 2.6.7 which worked with my rescue
system. I now applied the bk* patches upwards to check which one caused
the issue and I figured that this happened between bk3 to bk4 (so the
problem occoured with the bk4 patch). The diskimage was created with
mtools 3.9.9 and worked perfectly before.

export MTOOLSRC=".mtools.conf"
echo "drive a: file=\"/tmp/bootflop.img\" mformat_only" > .mtools.conf
dd if=/dev/zero of=/tmp/bootflop.img count=5760 bs=512
mformat -t 80 -h 2 -s 36 A:
rm .mtools.conf

The diskimage was created that way for countless months without any
problems. You find the image as attachment. After bunzip'ing it you
receive a 2,88 mb file (don't worry about the tiny size now) with the
md5sum: dc27cfe332cf96238e80d148c9955b9e
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