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    SubjectRe: uid of user who mounts
    On Sat, Jul 31, 2004 at 10:21:48AM -0500, Steve French wrote:

    > I confirmed what Randy had mantioned about the user= entries in mtab
    > allowing umounts (at least it works that way for a few of the local
    > filesystems I tried) but did not seem to work so well on other
    > filesystems - I had odd results on umounting my cifs mounts e.g. - after
    > adding at mount time "user=someuser" to /etc/mtab (by a minor change to
    > the mount helper mount.cifs.c, when running mount.cifs suid). umount of
    > those mounts failed and has been tricky to debug through a privately
    > built version of umount via ddd (although it is clearly not making it
    > down to the cifs filesystem on the user umount so the problem is in libc
    > or in fs/namespace.c) - so I am tracing through fs/namespace.c now.

    This discussion sounds as if you do think that this is somehow kernel-related.
    But it is not. Mount is suid and does certain things in a certain way.
    For filesystems that have their own private mount program, that private
    mount program is responsible for what happens.

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