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    SubjectRe: Solving suspend-level confusion

    > > Disks in general are an example (IDE beeing the one that is currently
    > > implemented, but we'll probably have to do the same for SATA and SCSI
    > > at one point), you want to spin them off (with proper cache flush
    > > etc...) when suspending to RAM, while you don't when suspending to
    > > disk, as you really don't want them to be spun up again right away to
    > > write the suspend image.
    > So suspend-to-RAM more or less matches PCI D3hot, and
    > suspend-to-DISK matches PCI D3cold. If those power states
    > were passed to the device suspend(), the disk driver could act
    > appropriately. In my observation, D3cold was never passed
    > down, it was always D3hot.

    Maybe a better approach would be to describe the required features to
    the drivers rather than encoding them in a single integer. Rather
    like passing a request that states "lowest power level with device state
    retained, must not do DMA, enable remote wake up"

    > Though the PM core doesn't cooperate at all there. Neither the
    > suspend nor the resume codepaths cope well with disconnect
    > (and hence device removal), the PM core self-deadlocks since
    > suspend/resume outcalls are done while holding the semaphore
    > that device_pm_remove() needs, ugh.

    Shouldn't we deal with this like a failed resume?

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