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Subject[PATCH] Documentation fix for NMI watchdog

Sync nmi_watchdog.txt with reality on x86-64.

diff -urpN -X ../KDIFX linux-2.6.8rc2-mm1/Documentation/nmi_watchdog.txt linux-2.6.8rc2-mm1-amd64/Documentation/nmi_watchdog.txt
--- linux-2.6.8rc2-mm1/Documentation/nmi_watchdog.txt 2004-03-21 21:12:12.000000000 +0100
+++ linux-2.6.8rc2-mm1-amd64/Documentation/nmi_watchdog.txt 2004-07-30 17:02:49.000000000 +0200
@@ -58,6 +58,9 @@ NOTE: starting with 2.4.2-ac18 the NMI-o
you have to enable it with a boot time parameter. Prior to 2.4.2-ac18
the NMI-oopser is enabled unconditionally on x86 SMP boxes.

+On x86-64 the NMI oopser is on by default. On 64bit Intel CPUs
+it uses IO-APIC by default and on AMD it uses local APIC.
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