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    Subjectcurrent BK compilation failure on ppc32
    kernel/power/smp.c: In function `smp_pause':
    kernel/power/smp.c:24: error: storage size of `ctxt' isn't known
    kernel/power/smp.c:24: warning: unused variable `ctxt'

    kernel/power/smp.c seems to be inherently swsusp-specific but is
    compiled for CONFIG_PM. (Same seems to be true for amny other files
    in kernel/power/, but as they compile it only causes bloat..)

    --- 1.10/kernel/power/Makefile 2004-07-02 07:23:47 +02:00
    +++ edited/kernel/power/Makefile 2004-07-03 22:07:29 +02:00
    @@ -1,5 +1,7 @@
    obj-y := main.o process.o console.o pm.o
    obj-$(CONFIG_SMP) += smp.o
    obj-$(CONFIG_SOFTWARE_SUSPEND) += swsusp.o
    obj-$(CONFIG_PM_DISK) += disk.o pmdisk.o

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