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SubjectRe: fixing usb suspend/resuming
On Thursday 29 July 2004 01:35, Pavel Machek wrote:

> > See ... basically
> > it looks like this problem would show up with any of a dozen
> > or so different drivers, few of which are widely used on systems
> > that use suspend/resume much (laptops!).
> Ben H. has some ideas how to fix this. Anyway, storing S-state or D-state in
> integer is bad because someone will get it wrong.

Right, there seems to be agreement that passing an ACPI S-state u32 down to
drivers expecting non-ACPI D-state u32 is a bad idea.. Drivers should see
the right bus-specific D-states ... see

which touches on some of the issues with what he explained to me.

- Dave.

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