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    SubjectRe: mmap + mprotect + malloc strange behaviour
    Kaloian Manassiev wrote:

    >Nevermind, I found it :)
    >I just found out (by reading
    >that there is a limit on the number of mappings that a
    >process may have and that for some reason malloc
    >consumes mappings.
    >I just increased the limit by editing the file
    >/proc/sys/vm/max_map_count. This works okay for my
    >Does someone know what repercussions this could have
    >on the "normal" operation of the system?
    The glibc malloc heap switches to using mmap()/munmap() for large
    allocations (>=128kbytes ?). This behaviour can be turned off by setting;

    export MALLOC_MMAP_MAX_=0

    See also the mallopt() library call.


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