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SubjectRe: bug with multiple mounts of filesystems in 2.6
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Trond Myklebust wrote:
> På må , 26/07/2004 klokka 12:29, skreiv John S J Anderson:
>> Hi --
>> We're working on migrating to the 2.6 kernel series, and one big
>> problem has popped up: we have a number of NFS mounts that are
>> mounted read-only in one location and read-write in a distinct
>> location (on the same machine). With 2.4 series kernels, this worked
>> without issue, but with 2.6, it doesn't: it's not possible to mount
>> the same filesystem twice with different options for each mount; the
>> two mount points have to share the same mount options.
> That behaviour is no longer supported as it meant that you would have
> different superblocks (and hence different out-of-sync caches) between
> the 2 mountpoint. It is in any case not a behaviour that is supported on
> any other Linux filesystems.

How is this any different than having two seperate nfs clients accessing
the same nfs export?

> If you want readonly to be an exception, then you will have to move the
> MS_RDONLY flag from being a superblock option to being a vfsmount
> option, then propagate that vfsmount information down to all the tests
> of IS_RDONLY(inode). Not a trivial task, and not one that looms high on
> my list of priorities...

What ever happened to the bind ro patches that were floating around a
couple months ago?

What is left in getting this done? Just the touch_file bit Viro
commented on?

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