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SubjectRe: A users thoughts on the new dev. model
--- "H. Peter Anvin" <> a écrit : > Followup to: 
> By author: Bill Davidsen <>
> In newsgroup:
> Thus:
> - Andrew will put experimental patches into -mm;
> - Andrew will continue to forward-port 2.6 mainstream fixes
> to
> -mm;
> - Patches which have proven themselves stable and useful get
> backported to 2.6;
> - If the delta between 2.6 and -mm becomes too great we'll
> consider a hard fork AT THAT TIME, i.e. fork lazily instead
> of the past model of forking eagerly.
> Why the change? Because the model already has proven itself,
> and
> shown itself to be more functional than what we've had in the
> past.
> 2.6 is probably the most stable mainline tree we've had since
> 1.2 or
> so, and yet Linus and Andrew process *lots* of changes. The
> -mm tree
> has become a very effective filter for what should go into
> mainline,
> whereas the odd-number forks generally *haven't* been, because
> backporting to mainline has usually been an afterthought.
> I for one welcome our new -mm overlords.
> -hpa

Thank you for clarifying this.
So linux 2.6 from stay stable.
And 2.6x-mm is like a 2.7 development tree (thought not that
experimental ;-) )

From the LWM story i understood that linux will be like windows:
lots of "features" but no stability, except if you use a
distribution kernel. And that seriously made me think about
using another free *nix for a stable system.


A mouse is a device used to point at
the xterm you want to type in.
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