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    SubjectRe: New dev model (was [PATCH] delete devfs)
    On Thu, Jul 22, 2004 at 04:01:12PM -0700, Andrew Morton wrote:
    > Adrian Bunk <> wrote:
    > >
    > > my personal opinon is that this new development model isn't a good
    > > idea from the point of view of users:
    > >
    > > There's much worth in having a very stable kernel. Many people use for
    > > different reasons self-compiled kernels.
    > Well. We'll see. 2.6 is becoming stabler, despite the fact that we're
    > adding features.

    4kb stacks were added after 2.6.0 and now 4KSTACKS=y results in Oops'es
    under some circumstances if using XFS.

    2.6 currently still becomes stabler, but every new/changed feature bears
    the risk of breaking something.

    > I wouldn't be averse to releasing a which is purely stability
    > fixes against 2.6.20 if there is demand for it. Anyone who really cares
    > about stability of kernels won't be deploying 2.6.20 within a
    > few weeks of its release anyway, so by the time they doodle over to
    > they'll find or whatever.

    Who will maintain the many subtrees of 2.6 this implies?

    Even after 2.6.20 was already released, you might have to release a with a few additional security fixes since according to your
    advice users should continue to use 2.6.19 for a few weeks which
    implies that someone will have to maintain at least the 2.6.19 tree for
    at least a few weeks after the release of 2.6.20 .



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