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SubjectRe: device_suspend() levels [was Re: [patch] ACPI work on aic7xxx]
Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:

> Note regarding aix7xxx, we also need proper hooks in the SCSI stack to
> block the queue correctly etc... in the same way we do on IDE. I didn't
> have time to look into this yet.

Here's what we currently do, aic7xxx_core.c - looks like it attempts to
quiesce, and then refuse to suspend if we happen to be busy. This is a
little messy because it's done in the suspend call rather than the
save_state call, therefore resume will still be called if this routine
returns an error code, which will reinitialize the device when we didn't
really need to.

ahc_suspend(struct ahc_softc *ahc)


if (LIST_FIRST(&ahc->pending_scbs) != NULL) {
return (EBUSY);

* XXX What about ATIOs that have not yet been serviced?
* Perhaps we should just refuse to be suspended if we
* are acting in a target role.
if (ahc->pending_device != NULL) {
return (EBUSY);
return (0);

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