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SubjectRe: [PATCH] [2.6] PPC64: log firmware errors during boot.
On Thu, Jul 01, 2004 at 04:06:14PM -0500, wrote:
> How else could we do this? I have never had to architect a kernel-to-user
> data communications interface, so I don't know what the alternatives
> are. We could queue them up to some file in /proc, which user-space
> reads.


> Or maybe /sys instead ??


> Maybe a stunt with sockets?

Yes, use netlink.

> Some new device in /dev/ that can be opened, read, closed?


> How should the user space daemon indicate that its picked up the
> message and doesn't need it any more?

The kernel doesn't care.

> Write a msg number to a /proc file?

No way.

> Maybe each individual message should go in its own file, and user
> space just rm's that file after its fetched/saved the message.

Hm, that's a neat idea I don't think I've seen before. But no :)

> I dunno, I think any one of these could be whipped up in a jiffy.
> Convincing the user-space to use the interface might be harder.

In summary, use syslog or netlink like the whole rest of the kernel
does. Don't reinvent the wheel again, please.


greg k-h
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