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    SubjectLinux 2.6.8-rc2

    MTD updates, i2c updates and some USB updates, and a lot of small stuff
    (sparse cleanups and fixes from Al etc).


    Summary of changes from v2.6.8-rc1 to v2.6.8-rc2

    Adrian Bunk:
    o [IPV4]: Remove no longer available URL
    o #ifndef guard percpu_counter.h and blockgroup_lock.h
    o remove outdated Stallion contact information
    o USB: USB w9968cf compile error

    Alan Stern:
    o USB: Add usb_kill_urb()
    o USB: Make hub driver use usb_kill_urb()
    o USB: Don't ask for string descriptor lengths
    o USB: Store pointer to usb_device in private hub structure
    o USB: Fix endianness bug in UHCI driver
    o USB: Allow NULL argument in usb_unlink_urb() and usb_kill_urb()

    Alexander Viro:
    o sparse: NULL noise in fs/reiserfs
    o sparse: misc NULL noise in fs/*
    o sparse: aacraid annotation
    o sparse: megaraid inline fixes
    o sparse: megaraid annotation
    o sparse: NULL noise in drivers/isdn
    o sparse: misc NULL noise in drivers/*
    o sparse: ISDN ->readstat() and ->writecmd() annotation
    o sparse: blind dereference of userland pointers in divasproc
    o sparse: drivers/isdn/* annotation
    o sparse: dvb_ringbuffer_pkt_write()/dvb_ringbuffer_write()
    o sparse: blind dereference of userland pointers in ac7110
    o sparse: drivers/media/* annotation
    o sparse: switching afs to kvec
    o sparse: VIDIOCSWIN compat_ioctl fixes
    o sparse: usb ioctl cleanups
    o sparse: isdn compile fix for platforms with HZ > 1000
    o sparse: saa fix
    o sparse: compile fix for rrunner on big-endian platforms
    o sparse: tms380tr.c fix
    o sparse: NULL noise removal in drivers/sbus
    o sparse: drivers/sbus fixes
    o sparse: drivers/sbus annotation
    o sparse: alpha NULL noise removal
    o sparse: alpha sparse infrastructure
    o sparse: alpha topology.h compile fix
    o sparse: signal annotation
    o sparse: arch/* NULL noise removal
    o sparse: ipc compat annotations and cleanups
    o sparse: gemtek ioctl fix
    o sparse: drivers/media NULL noise removal
    o sparse: drivers/net partial NULL noise removal
    o sparse: drivers/usb NULL noise removal
    o sparse: net/* NULL noise removal
    o sparse: assorted drivers/* NULL noise removal
    o sparse: more fs/* NULL noise removal
    o __vfs_follow_link() made inline again
    o compat_fillonedir() warning fix
    o sparse: read_descriptor_t annotation
    o sparse: missing cpumask_t bits on sparc
    o sparse: aout32 sparse fixes for compat
    o sparse: __forced added to casts in arch-specific code
    o pointer-to-int done the canonical way
    o sparse: more drivers/scsi annotations
    o sparse: a couple of inline fixes in drivers'/scsi
    o sparse: more drivers/usb/* annotations
    o sparse: #if where #ifdef should've been (saa7146)
    o sparse: (ipv6/netfilter) initializer fix
    o sparse: sound compat ioctls annotations
    o mcdx irq handling cleanup
    o remove bogus casts of pointers to unsigned int in sound/*
    o au88x0: use proper field of snd_kcontrol_t and don't try to store
    pointer in int
    o ic31712: when storing a bitmask in pointer field, use unsigned long
    o annotated sound/pci/nm256/nm256.c
    o NULL noise removal in sound/usb/*
    o mark broken stuff as such in Kconfig
    o misc sparse cleanups
    o switch sys32_timer_create() to compat_alloc_user_space()
    o sparse: beginning of iovec cleanups - infrastructure
    o sparse: iovec cleanups - smbfs
    o sparse: iovec cleanups - ncpfs
    o sparse: iovec cleanups - cifs
    o sparse: iovec cleanups - rxrpc
    o sparse: iovec cleanups - sunrpc, nfs and nfsd
    o sparse: iovec cleanups - the rest
    o annotations and NULL noise removal in drivers/char/drm
    o 3w-9xxx.c annotated
    o fbmem.c partially annotated
    o hfs and hfsplus switched to use of ffs(3) instead of homegrown
    o more annotations in binfmt_aout.c
    o pointer-to-number cast in binfmt_elf.c done right

    Alexandre d'Alton:
    o I2C: ADM1030 and Co sensors chips support

    Andi Kleen:
    o Fix memory corruption at x86-64 SMP bootup
    o Fix i386 bootup with HIGHMEM+SLAB_DEBUG+NUMA and no real

    Andras Bali:
    o I2C: Add support for LM77

    Andrew Morton:
    o raw.c cleanups
    o JFS: jfs_dmap build fix
    o [SPARSE]: Fix warnings in net/sctp/
    o small style fixups for the new automount code
    o `unknown symbol' in sound/oss/kahlua.ko needs unknown symbol udelay
    o remove struct_cpy()
    o Altix serial driver updates

    Anton Blanchard:
    o tg3 bug

    Arthur Othieno:
    o fix return codes after i2c_add_driver() in tea6415c and tea6420

    Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz:
    o ide: PIO-out fixes for ide-taskfile.c (CONFIG_IDE_TASKFILE_IO=n)
    o ide: PIO-out ->prehandler() fixes (CONFIG_IDE_TASKFILE_IO=y)
    o ide: PIO-out error handling fixes (CONFIG_IDE_TASKFILE_IO=y)
    o ide: remove BUSY check from task_in_intr()
    o remove pre_task_out_intr() comment (CONFIG_IDE_TASKFILE_IO=n)
    o ide: pre_task_mulout_intr() cleanup (CONFIG_IDE_TASKFILE_IO=n)
    o ide: no partial completions for PIO (CONFIG_IDE_TASKFILE_IO=y)
    o ide: merge CONFIG_IDE_TASKFILE_IO=y|n PIO handlers together
    o ide: use "normal" handlers for "flagged" taskfiles (ide-taskfile.c)

    Ben Dooks:
    o [ARM PATCH] 1961/1: S3C2410 - fix for UART FIFO size calculation
    o [ARM PATCH] 1962/1: S3C2410 - Rename MACH_VR1000 to Thorcom-VR1000

    Bill Nottingham:
    o fix airo oops-on-removal

    Bjorn Helgaas:
    o fix ia64 early_printk build problem

    Brent Casavant:
    o ia64: Fix bug in ia64_atomic64_{add,sub}

    Colin Leroy:
    o fix saa7146 compilation

    Daniel McNeil:
    o mmap PROT_NONE fix for NX patch

    Daniele Venzano:
    o sis900-fix-phy-transceiver-detection.patch

    Dave Kleikamp:
    o JFS: Don't allow reading beyond the inode map's EOF
    o JFS: Error path released metadata page it shouldn't have
    o JFS: Updated field isn't always written to disk during truncate
    o JFS: Protect active_ag with a spinlock
    o JFS: prevent concurrent calls to txCommit on the imap inode
    o JFS: Check for dmap corruption before using leafidx
    o JFS: Add d_hash and d_compare operations for case-insensitive names

    David Brownell:
    o USB: misc ohci tweaks
    o USB: usb serial gadget, add omap_udc
    o USB: usb gadgetfs, handle omap_udc
    o USB: usb gadget API updates
    o USB: usb gadget zero, basic OTG updates
    o USB: usb ethernet gadget, minor fixes + basic OTG support
    o USB: usb host side updates, mostly for suspend
    o USB: usb hub, don't check speed before reset

    David Eger:
    o pmac_zilog: initialize port spinlock on all init paths

    David Howells:
    o ppc32: openpic driver cpumask_t changes

    David Mosberger:
    o ia64: Fix OSDL BugMe report 2885: realtime process can't preempt
    low priority process in kernel
    o ia64: Nuke two compiler warnings
    o ia64: Define machvec_noop as "static inline"
    o ia64: Fix EFI physical-mode stubs to correctly calculate physical
    o ia64: Nuke a warning due to the syscall auditing patch

    David S. Miller:
    o [TCP]: Type qualifiers, such as const, are ignored on function
    return type
    o [IPV4]: Fix multicast socket hangs
    o [PKT_SCHED]: Remove CSZ scheduler
    o [SPARC64]: Add CMT register defines
    o [SPARC64]: Update defconfig

    David T. Hollis:
    o USB: usbnet:ax8817x - use interrupt URB for link detection
    o USB: ax8817x_unbind does not free the interrupt URB after unlinking

    David Woodhouse:
    o NAND flash driver updates
    o JFFS2 file system update
    o MTD core include and device code cleanup
    o NOR flash drivers update
    o ppc32: Fix UART detection on WindRiver SBC8560
    o ppc32: Fix UART initialisation on WindRiver SBC8560
    o ppc32: Fix IRQ setup on WindRiver SBC8560
    o Remove /proc/fs/jffs2 support
    o M-Systems DiskOnChip driver: fix DiskOnChip Millennium ECC support
    and fix a few compiler warnings while we're at it.
    o Make obsolete NOR flash chip drivers depend on BROKEN

    Dmitry Torokhov:
    o Driver core: add platform_device_register_simple to register
    o Driver core: add default driver attributes to struct bus_type
    o Driver core: kset_find_obj should increment refcount of the found
    o Driver core: add driver_find helper to find a driver by its name
    o Driver core: Fix OOPS in device_platform_unregister

    Eugene Surovegin:
    o I2C PPC4xx IIC driver: 0-length transactions bit-banging

    Gordon Jin:
    o ia64: IA-32 sigaltstack bug fix

    Greg Kroah-Hartman:
    o Driver Core: remove extra space in Kconfig file
    o I2C: sparse cleanups for a few i2c drivers
    o I2C: small ADM1030 fix
    o 1 Wire: add Dallas 1-wire protocol driver subsystem
    o USB: add 3 Phidget device ids to the HID blacklist
    o USB: fix up the wording in the emi26 firmware file to match the
    other kernel firmware files
    o USB: more sparse cleanups (all pretty much NULL usages.)
    o USB: fix lockup with 2.6 keyspan_pda driver
    o USB: Trivial fix to include/linux/usb.h
    o USB: more sparse fixups that found a real bug in the se401 driver
    o USB: fix usbfs mount options ignored bug
    o USB: oops, revert hub patch that wasn't supposed to make it into
    this patch series yet
    o USB: change all usbserial drivers to use module_param()
    o USB: sort the order in which the usb-serial drivers get built
    o USB: fix SN9C10[12] driver for ia64
    o USB: unusual_devs.h update
    o USB: usbserial/ipaq update
    o USB: ftdi_sio debug trace for TIOCMSET
    o Upgrade security/root_plug.c to new module parameter syntax
    o add removeable sysfs block device attribute

    Guennadi Liakhovetski:
    o [wireless airo] fix alignment problem (particularly on ARM)

    Herbert Xu:
    o [IPSEC]: Fix uh->len when doing NATT with IP options
    o [IPSEC]: Move generic encap code into xfrm4_output
    o [IPCOMP6]: Exclude IPCOMP header from props.header_len

    Hideaki Yoshifuji:
    o [NET]: Fix dst_underflow_bug_msg printk args

    Hirofumi Ogawa:
    o [IPV4]: IPMR fixes
    o [NET]: Cleanup mis-usage of seq_release_private
    o autoselect FAT_FS in config

    Hugh Dickins:
    o tmpfs preempt count panic

    Ian Abbott:
    o USB: ftdi_sio VID/PID updates

    Jack Steiner:
    o ia64: Reduce TLB flushing during process migration

    Jamal Hadi Salim:
    o [PKT_SCHED]: Another missed tc_stats spinlock conversion

    James Morris:
    o [CRYPTO]: Remove lazy allocation from deflate

    Jan-Benedict Glaw:
    o mconf.c: Honor $LINES and $COLUMNS if TIOCGWINSZ failed

    Janice M. Girouard:
    o [netdrvr acenic] fix RX descriptor memory ordering

    Jean Delvare:
    o I2C: Class of scx200_acb
    o I2C: Add support for LM86, MAX6657 and MAX6658 to lm90
    o I2C: Documentation for i2c-parport
    o I2C: remove Documentation for i2c-pport
    o I2C: adm1025 driver ported to 2.6
    o I2C: Refine detection of LM75 chips

    Jeff Garzik:
    o [netdrvr dmfe] remove ALi pci id
    o [netdrvr tg3] bump version and reldate
    o [PCI, libata] Fix "combined mode" PCI quirk for ICH6

    Jens Axboe:
    o CFQ: allocation under lock, missing memset on allocation
    o fix cdrom mt rainier probe

    John Heffner:
    o [TCP]: Do not round window to MSS if window scaling

    John Lenz:
    o [ARM PATCH] 1958/1: make collie use INIT_MACHINE

    Kam Leo:
    o floppy.c: remove superfluous variable initialization

    Keith M. Wesolowski:
    o [SPARC32]: Regenerate defconfig
    o [SPARC32]: Move non-PCI DMA definitions out of pgtable.h
    o [SPARC32]: Continue to avoid the use of __builtin_trap for BUG()
    o [SPARC32]: Fix CONFIG_SUN4 build
    o [SPARC32]: Don't allow the kernel to read PAGE_NONE pages

    Keith Owens:
    o ia64: Rename local move_irq to sn_move_irq
    o ia64: Correct invalid unwind data
    o ia64: build fixes for IA64_MCA_DEBUG_INFO

    Kenneth W. Chen:
    o ia64: fix interpolation-bug in fsys_gettimeofday()

    Linus Torvalds:
    o Remove obsoleted drivers/char/h8.c drivers/char/h8.h
    o x86: fix stackframe ownership confusion in sys_sigaltstack()
    o ppc64: fix up si_addr usage
    o It's a pointer, dummy. Use NULL, not 0
    o ppc64: More NULL/0 confusion in prom.c
    o Clean up ptrace child exit case
    o Linux 2.6.8-rc2

    Luca Risolia:
    o Updates for W99[87]CF and new SN9C10[12] driver
    o USB: W99[87]CF fix

    Luiz Capitulino:
    o I2C: i2c/i2c-dev.c::i2c_dev_init() cleanup
    o USB: usb/core/file.c::usb_major_init() cleanup
    o USB: usb/core/hcd.c::usb_init() missing audit

    Manfred Spraul:
    o natsemi updates
    o natsemi 1: switch to netdev_priv()
    o natsemi 2: support packets > 1518 bytes
    o Gigabit Ethernet support for forcedeth

    Marcel Holtmann:
    o [Bluetooth] Respond to L2CAP info requests
    o [Bluetooth] Don't reset the USB halted bits

    Margit Schubert-While:
    o prism54 freq to channel incorrect for 5GHz
    o prism54 Fix wrong type for BSSID

    Mark M. Hoffman:
    o I2C: Remove extra inits from lm78 driver

    Martin Josefsson:
    o [NETFILTER]: Add timestamping to ipt_ULOG

    Mika Kukkonen:
    o Fix 'unsigned' < 0 checks
    o Remove all uses of '#ifdef MODULE_PARM' from kernel

    Miklos Szeredi:
    o fix inode state incoherency

    Patrick McHardy:
    o [NETFILTER]: Fix two broken checks for options in ipt_LOG

    Pavel Roskin:
    o [netdrvr pci-skeleton] refresh

    Peter Martuccelli:
    o ia64: add audit support

    Petri Koistinen:
    o Fix 3c59x.c uses of plain integer as NULL pointer

    Richard Henderson:
    o [ALPHA] Pass pt_regs as pointer to execve and sigprocmask syscalls

    Russell King:
    o [ARM] ohci-omap does not need asm/mach-types.h

    Rusty Russell:
    o [TRIVIAL 2.6] sk98lin: kill dup include

    Sergio Gelato:
    o libata: fix kunmap() of incorrect page, in PIO data xfer

    Seth Rohit:
    o ia64: nointroute option needs to be parsed early

    Stephen Hemminger:
    o [NET]: Deinline sock_i_uid, sock_i_ino
    o [BRIDGE]: Support different MTU sizes
    o [PKT_SCHED]: Add jitter support to netem

    Steve French:
    o fix oops in build_wildcard_path_from_dentry
    o clean up NULL vs. 0 warnings generated by sparse tool
    o Set Type field when creating block/char/pipe e.g. via mknod
    o Set DevMajor/DevMinor when querying info on remote char/block

    Stéphane Eranian:
    o ia64: fix various problems in pfm_check_task_state()

    Thomas DuBuisson:
    o [CRYPTO]: Set CRYPTO_TFM_RES_BAD_KEY_LEN in twofish

    Tim Chick:
    o USB: usbnet, Sitecom LN-029

    Tony Luck:
    o ia64: allow module core code calls to module init code again

    Örjan Persson:
    o I2C: patch quirks.c - SMBus hidden on hp laptop

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