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    SubjectRe: [PATCH][2.6.8-rc1-mm1] drivers/scsi/sg.c gcc341 inlining fix
    Andrew Morton wrote:
    > Yeah, but doing:
    > static inline foo(void);
    > bar()
    > {
    > ...
    > foo();
    > }
    > static inline foo(void)
    > {
    > ...
    > }
    > is pretty dumb too. I don't see any harm if this compiler feature/problem
    > pushes us to fix the above in the obvious way.

    ??? C does not require ordering of function _implementations_, except
    for this gcc brokenness.

    The above example allows one to do what one normally does with
    non-inlines: order code to enhance readability, and the compiler will
    Do The Right Thing and utilize it in the best way the CPU will function.

    Just because you stick a modifier on a function doesn't mean it's time
    to stop using C as it was meant to be used :)


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