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    SubjectRe: [SE/Linux] warning about debian hotplug package 20040329-9!
    On Mon, Jul 12, 2004 at 02:16:58PM -0700, Chris Babcock wrote:
    > So then what if (horror of horrors) somebody puts "/var" on a usb disk
    > device. (or some other type of device initialized by hotplug?)

    or an nfs-mounted partition.

    the suggestion in that case that i received by one of the hotplug
    developers / people-monitoring-debian-bugs-for-hotplug was that you
    should modify the /etc/hotplug scripts to use /devfs/shm/tmp instead,
    assuming that you have a debian initrd.

    now, on SE/Linux that isn't possible, and the reason isn't entirely
    clear, but i believe that the access permissions to the tmpfs
    created by the debian initrd are such that when the umount tmpfs
    occurs, it actually _does_ unmount it.

    on a standard debian/linux system (no selinux kernel) the initrd
    scripts attempt, amongst other things, to mount various filesystems
    and these are successful, but they are not _un_mounted properly later

    anyway, i digress: the idea i came up with was that the debian
    package be modified such that it's possible to specify the
    state directory, even if that's one of a list of possible
    locations e.g. choose one: /etc/hotplug, /etc/hotplug/run,
    /var/run/hotplug, /devfs/shm/tmp, other.

    consequently, if this were to be implemented, at least people mad
    enough to use usb disks or nfs mounted stuff, they'd be able to
    at least get going without having to hack the source of hotplug.

    > > dear selinux and linux kernel,
    > >
    > > i am after some assistance in clarifying how hotplug works, with
    > > a view to solving an issue with SE/Linux where the default
    > > SE/Linux policy is to deny write permission to /etc/hotplug
    > > (with good reason) but the hotplug package is presently demanding
    > > write permission.
    > >
    > > a simple request for a change to writing to /var/state/hotplug
    > > instead has thrown up a number of issues with kernel (2.6.6)
    > > hotplugging and i would greatly appreciate some confirmation
    > > and some assistance.
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