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SubjectRe: Continue: psmouse.c - synaptics touchpad driver sync problem
Am Donnerstag, 1. Juli 2004 15.03 schrieb Dmitry Torokhov unter "Re: Continue: 
psmouse.c - synaptics touchpad driver sync problem":
> On Thursday 01 July 2004 07:34 am, Marc Waeckerlin wrote:

> I usually feel some hesitation in cursor movement under high disk load -
> do you experience something like that? Although, now that I think about it,
> it's usually not the cursor itself but KDE is lagging to redraw...

No, definitely the cursor. And not only if the HD usage is high, sometimes if
the CPU load is high, the problem starts, and if CPU and HD usage are low
again, the problem is still remaining. I cannot really see a clear
correlation between system load and mouse waiting, but there seems to be some
sort of weak correlation.

> Just out of curiosity, what happens when you pass psmouse.proto=bare to the
> kernel as a boot option (or put "options psmouse proto=bare" in your
> /etc/modprobe.conf file if psmouse is compiled as a module)?

I'll try later, but what should habben, what should I look for?

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