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SubjectRe: problems with SATA: 2.6.7 working, -bk12/13/-mm4 not
Jeff Garzik  <> wrote:
>* disabling combined mode in BIOS

No bios acces for another month at least.

>* finding which -bk snapshot breaks your system

bk5 = fine
bk6 breaks

>* acpi=off (disabling ACPI)

bk6, bk12, bk13, mm4 suddenly work with acpi=off

>* noapic

doesn't work

>* copying the following files verbatim into your 2.6.7-{bk12,bk13,mm4} tree:
> drivers/scsi/libata*.[ch]
> drivers/scsi/ata_*.c
> drivers/scsi/sata_*.[ch]
> include/linux/libata.h
> include/linux/ata.h

this indeed "fixes" it.
I have a working 2.6.7-bk13a with above files from vanilla-2.6.7

Hope this feedback helps.


"If Microsoft had been the innovative company that it calls itself, it
would have taken the opportunity to take a radical leap beyond the Mac,
instead of producing a feeble, me-too implementation." - Douglas Adams -

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