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    SubjectRe: ide errors in 7-rc1-mm1 and later
    Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz <> wrote:
    > On Thursday 10 of June 2004 01:50, Andrew Morton wrote:
    > > Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz <> wrote:
    > > > Does journal has checksum or some other protection against failure during
    > > > writing journal to a disk? If not than it still can be screwed even with
    > > > ordered writes if we are unfortunate enough. ;-)
    > >
    > > A transaction is written to disk as two synchronous operations: write all
    > > the data, wait on it, write the single commit block, wait on that.
    > That is how it looks from fs side, from disk side it may look like this:
    > write some data sectors (rest stays in cache)
    > write rest of data sectors (from cache)
    > write some commit sectors (rest stays in cache)
    > write rest of commit sectors (from cache)
    > fs atomic operations != disk atomic operations

    JBD is careful about that. There is a single commit block (1, 2 or 4k) and
    the first eight bytes of that block contain a magic number and a sequence
    number. If they're not both valid then replay considers the entire
    transaction (data blocks + commit block) to be invalid.

    So all we care about is the atomicity of the first eight bytes of a single
    512-byte sector. I see no problem with internal-to-commit-block write

    The problem is that the commit block may hit disk prior to the preceding
    data blocks, which is why we need a full flush prior to submitting the
    commit block.

    > > If the commit block were to hit disk before the data then we have a window
    > > in which poweroff+recovery would replay garbage into the filesystem.
    > Yes.
    > The quoted part of my mail is about situation when poweroff happens between
    > 'write some commit sectors' and 'write rest of commit sectors (from cache)'
    > or during transferring commit sectors to a disk.

    There is just a single commit sector.

    > Sure. What's your opinion about doing blk_issue_flush() and ordinary commit
    > (pros+cons given in my previous mail)?

    I think we need:


    * All of the transaction's data sectors are now on disk. Submit the
    * commit sector

    Or something like that. Haven't really looked at the blkdev_issue_flush()
    design yet. It has this mysterious comment: "Caller must run
    wait_for_completion() on its own.". Wait for what completion??
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