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    SubjectRe: APM realy sucks on 2.6.x

    > |>| PCMCIA... well, that's another obsolete technology. Too bad.
    > |>
    > |>PCMCIA is obsolete? Did I miss something, or was this a joke?
    > |
    > |
    > | Obsoleted by cardbus, I believe. (cardbus cards look like PCMCIA
    > | cards, but electrical protocol is different) Plus, as someone else
    > | noted, stuff moves into mainboard. USB also replacs part of what
    > | PCMCIA was for.
    > hmm, I didn't know that there is a change from PCMCIA to cardbus.
    > Thought still there are lot of pcmcia stuff around. wlan cards, eg my
    > dial up card (CF card into a PCMCIA adapter). Well I wouldn't abandon
    > PCMCIA so fast. At least the linux kernel is know for beeing able to use
    > very old hardware in a very good way ...

    Yes, pcmcia still survives in form of compactflash, mostly used by
    low-powered handhelds etc. That's where ISA survives too.

    I agree that supporting PCMCIA is usefull, and that linux should run
    on old hardware; but you can see that PCMCIA and APM is in "old
    hardware" category, along with ISA, Pentium I CPUs and serial ports.

    Linux still tries to support 386 cpus, and its right. However its not
    same level of support as modern hardware.
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