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    SubjectRe: APM realy sucks on 2.6.x
    Pavel Machek wrote:
    > Hi!
    >>My impression is that APM is slowly degenerating while ACPI is not
    >>(yet ?) able to fill the gap. The suspend feature of ACPI is stated to
    >>be dangerous and experimental and does not work for me at all.
    > That sounds about right.
    >>After all this bashing...
    >>Is there anyone out there who has the same experiences ?
    >>Is there a workaround ?
    >>Is it possible to somehow downgrade APM in the 2.6 kernel
    >>to the 2.4.x state ?
    >>How could one debug this kind of missbehaviour ? Where do
    >>I have to look for potential miss configurations of the system ?
    >>I'm really willing to help the APM developers to track down this bug
    >>but don't have a clue how to debug this kind stuff.
    > What APM developers? There are none as far as I know.

    Hmmm ... So once again the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus :-) ?

    At least a

    grep '<.*@' /usr/src/linux-2.6.6/arch/i386/kernel/apm.c | sed 's/.*<//' | sed 's/>.*//'

    gives me:


    This is pretty much for no one. And I guess you knew since you're on
    the list yourself. But I think you're right when meaning
    that there is not much of active maintenance anymore. Which at
    least I find a little bit discouraging when looking of the state
    of the ACPI support.

    > Try removing calls to device_* in apm.c. Better yet become APM
    > developer.

    It seems like I'm on my way to do so (still reluctantly). As I stated
    in my previous mails I'm not born as a hardware/BIOS hacker (more the
    application C++/Java stuff) but I'm willing to learn. When I'm
    grown up I definitely want to be linux kernel hacker :-) ...

    Currently I ripped down the 2.6.6 kernel to almost nothing
    and add one module after the other checking for proper
    suspend/resume behavior....

    The most suspicious candidates on my list are currently the
    USB-UHCI driver and the ALSA sound system, which is my #1 candidate
    since it has not been an integral part of the 2.4.x (x<=20) kernels.

    So if anybody out there could give me guidance on how the apm code
    might interact with the ALSA sound system it would be highly



    > Pavel
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