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SubjectRe: Some thoughts about cache and swap
John Bradford wrote:
> Quote from Rik van Riel <>:
> > I wonder if we should just bite the bullet and implement
> > LIRS, ARC or CART for Linux. These replacement algorithms
> > should pretty much detect by themselves which pages are
> > being used again (within a reasonable time) and which pages
> > aren't.
> Is there really much performance to be gained from tuning the 'limited'
> cache space, or will it just hurt as many or more systems than it helps?

Thats a very good question.
Most of the time the current algorithm works quite well.
On the other hand, I definitely know what people mean when they complain
about cachingand all this stuff. By just copying a big file that I dont use
afterwards or watching an video I have 2 wonderful scenarios. The cache is
filled with useless information and big parts of KDE are neither in memory
nor in cache. Applications could use madvice or other things to indicate
that they dont need this file a second time, but they usually dont.

I think it might be interesting to have some kind of benchmark, similiar to
the interactive benchmark of Con that just triggers the workload so many
people are complaining. If I find the time, I will give it a try in the
next days.


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