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    SubjectRe: EFI-support for SMBIOS driver

    It seems SMBIOS driver is gone.

    On Saturday 05 of June 2004 02:52, David Mosberger wrote:
    > Michael,
    > The patch below adds EFI support to the SMBIOS driver. Since EFI
    > already knows the address of the SMBIOS, this avoids having to scan
    > for the table. It also enables use of the driver on ia64 machines.
    > The patch also adds code to handle the case where the SMBIOS table
    > resides in memory, which is the case at least for HP's zx1-based ia64
    > machines. If CONFIG_EFI is off, the resulting code should be
    > unchanged (except for replacing a readb() loop into a
    > memcpy_fromio()).
    > One observation: I believe find_table_max_address() is missing some
    > readb() calls (it's dereferencing ioremap'pped addresses directly). I
    > didn't try to fix that since I wasn't sure why it wasn't done in the
    > first place.
    > Do you have a test-program that's using /sys/firmware/smbios?
    > If the patch looks OK, please apply.
    > Thanks,
    > --david

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