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SubjectRe: [PATCH] PPC64: (resend) Janitor signature of rtas_call() routine

> Can you please apply the following patch to the ameslab ppc64
> tree, and/or roll it upwards to the marclello 2.6 tree?
> This path is 100% pure cleanup; no functional changes.
> I got irritated when I was given a -1 that was cast to an unsigned
> int that was then cast to a signed (64-bit) long, and so I received
> a value of 4 billion instead of -1. This patch fixes this insanity.
> Different files were treating this return code as being signed
> or unsigned, 32-bit or 64-bit. The 'real' return code is always
> a signed 32-bit quantity, so this patch just makes the usage
> consistent across the board.

I beat you to the punch on this one, I'm afraid. :) I changed
rtas_call to return an int in the prom cleanup patch I sent to Andrew
last week. You did spot a few places that I missed though, so I'll
send Andrew a patch to fix those up shortly.


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