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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] cpumask 5/10 rewrite cpumask.h - single bitmap based implementation
    Rusty Russell wrote:

    > We've discussed this before when talking about whether it'd be easier to
    > just make people use raw bitop functions directly, so I know we have
    > philosophical differences here.
    > So, opinion alert: if I were doing this, I'd probably live without this
    > macro; in my mind it crosses the "too much abstraction" line. I did
    > momentarily wonder what this macro did when I saw it used in the
    > succeeding patches.

    I think if you don't like that abstraction, there should be no
    cpumask type at all, just use the bitmap.

    I don't see what you gain from having the cpumask type but having
    to get at its internals with the bitop functions.

    > But it's a minor nit; thanks for doing these.

    Yeah it looks quite good
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