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Subject[patch 1/8] cpusets v3 - Table of Contents
The following patch set is being offered for review and comment.

Shortly, not yet, I expect to be requesting Andrew to consider it
for inclusion in *-mm. Andrew will be glad to hear that this patch
set (outside of Matthew Dobson's nodemask patch) has _much_ less
impact on existing kernel code than my previous cpumask patch set ;).

First I still need to perform further testing, obtain more feedback,
and do some more documentation and a man page, before asking to get
it into *-mm. My thanks to those who have reviewed it so far.

The bulk of the code and much of the design work in this patch has
been done by Simon Derr <> of Bull (France).
The nodemask patch is a preliminary draft of work by Matthew
Dobson, based on my cpumask patches.

This version of the cpuset patch set is against 2.6.7-mm4.

These patches provide the essential kernel support for cpusets, which
enable identifying a hierarchy of subsets of system CPU and Memory Node
resources and attaching tasks to these subsets. Tasks may only request
to use (sched_setaffinity, mbind and set_mempolicy) the CPUs and Memory
Nodes allowed to it by its cpuset. Cpusets may be strictly exclusive
(other non-ancestral cpusets may not overlap). One can list which
tasks are in which cpusets, and change which cpuset a task is in.
No new system calls are used; all access and modification is via a
cpuset virtual file system.

See further the Cpuset Overview, item [2/9] of this email set.

==> I recommend that first time readers look first at items (2) Overview
and (7) Kernel Hooks PATCH, for a better understanding of what this
cpuset kernel patch is intended to do, and the very small kernel
footprint required to accomplish this.

Now I have several email messages to present. Items 2 through 8
will be sent as replies to this first message.

1) This table of contents.
2) Overview of kernel cpusets - a small text document.
3) [patch] cpumask_consts - minor fix to my cpumask patch set
4) [patch] nodemask - nodemask patch (draft of Matthew Dobson's patch)
5) [patch] cpuset_bitmap_lists - add bitmap lists format
6) [patch] cpuset_new_files - Main cpuset patch - cpuset.c, cpuset.h
7) [patch] cpuset_kernel_hooks - The few, small kernel hooks needed
8) [patch] cpuset_proc_hooks - One more hook, for /proc/<pid>/cpuset.

Your feedback is welcome.

I won't rest till it's the best ...
Programmer, Linux Scalability
Paul Jackson <> 1.650.933.1373
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