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SubjectRe: accidently unsubscribed?
This kind of questions should really be addressed to
our <> address...

On Tue, Jun 29, 2004 at 12:57:50AM -0400, Gene Heskett wrote:
> Greetings;
> I've not received an great amount of messages to this list since I got
> back from a weeklong trip (2690 miles total) to Nebraska for a
> wedding (no not mine).
> I found my mailbox at verizon overflowing when I got back and I'm
> wondering if I got unsubbed because of bounced emails.

You were unsubscribed on 12th of June.

Your address sent back "user unknown" reports.
Perhaps your service provider had some problems ?
(It is possible, that DaveM logged wrong reason for your address'
removal, and it really should have been "mailbox full", that "reason"
text entry is a manual thing...)

We do take "user unknown" (in many forms/wordings) at the face value,
and we don't go around presuming that there is a temporary glitch,
when we receive it (in some cases there are .. many universities
have had problems with NIS(+) + sendmail which combination is unable
to differentiate database access problem from genuine 'user unknown'

Another reason for instant subscription revocation is "mailbox full".

> If so, can someone fix it?

You have to resubscribe yourself.

We do appreciate that you asked at first. Just doing blind
resubscribing without finding out why the list feed had been
cut, isn't the best thing to do...

> --
> Cheers, Gene

/Matti Aarnio -- one of <>
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